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Mini Stretch Wrap

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Protect your smallest products against breakages, our mini stretch film rolls are ideal for wrapping or securing small packages and in awkward shapes. Mini stretch wrap sticks only to itself and is a convenient and low-cost alternative to tape, glue, string or strapping to secure or bundle your packaging. Moisture and tear-resistant, it is a perfect house move accessory.

How to use?

Make sure your products are clean, dry, and ready for packaging. Wrap manually with a mini shrink wrap roller or using automated lines, as you would for standard-sized products. The mini stretch wrap’s smaller size means it is easier to handle and wrap smaller items manually. For fragile or high-value products, wrap multiple times for increased strength and protection. It is simple and Improves packaging processes with mini stretch film

The mini stretch wrap provides protective layers that prevent dirt, damp, and other contaminants from reaching your products. Protecting your products for storage and transportation ensures they reach your buyers in top condition. Because it is smaller, the wrap is more efficient and reduces wastage. Lower packaging costs, quality products, and happy buyers mean better business.

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