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About us

A UK leading Manufacturer and Wholesaler, specialised in the production of highly versatile Cast Pallet-Wrap Stretch Film, Bubble Wrap, Kraft Paper and Recycled LLDPE to the world market. We offer the most competitive prices in the UK. Diamond Impex is committed to ISO 9001 at all our manufacturing sites to ensure that our customers consistently receive top quality products and services.



Diamond IMPEX is committed to the recycling of plastics. We believe it benefits community and business. We research and analyse good practices on a constant basis. This removes the barriers our customers may find in their pursuit of efficient plastic recycling. We remove the obstruction of taxation that will penalise bad practice in recycling.

We help our clients make informed decisions. Choose more sustainable products. Reduce the impact on the environment. This includes the use of recyclable plastics in high end products.

It is the 115th anniversary of plastic. To mark this date, we strive to use this product in a way that is sustainable, benefiting all our clients and the environment we all live in.


Our Solution

Plastics were invented 115 years ago. In this time, they have revolutionised our lives. Medical and safety innovations using plastic have saved countless lives. They have made impossible journeys possible. 
But it is the convenience they offer that has added to a throw-away culture. Many plastic products are of use for mere minutes, and yet they exist in the environment for hundreds of years.
We are a 100% recyclable manufacturer. New product design and development is at the core of our business. We work with our customers to form cost-effective, eco-friendly packaging solutions. 
Diamond Impex uses recycled plastic for the production of items such as Pallet Stretch Wrap and Bubble Wrap. It is not a concession to the environment, it is essential for us all. A healthy and sustainable environment means a better future for our children. It also means a future for business. Using resources efficiently is practical and progressive. If you believe in the future of your business, then you will believe in cost effective recycling.

To find out more, please contact us. 

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