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Clear Stretch Wrap
in a variety of lengths

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Stretch Film

Our range of Pallet Wraps and films are available in a variety of thicknesses and roll lengths, depending on your individual business needs. We produced both hand-stretch rolls and machine-stretch rolls depending for your current equipment and requirements.

Our multi-layer stretch films; EXTRA yields LESS costs

We produce both hand-stretch rolls and machine-stretch rolls depending on 
your current equipment and requirements.


Services : 
• On-site support and pallet wrapping review available 
• Available in a variety of thicknesses and roll lengths, 
  depending on your individual business needs
• Works with all wrapping systems
• Easy to apply machine film
• Flexible to wrap awkward shaped pallets
• Tear and puncture resistant
• limits Strength is measured in micron thickness
• Our tear-resistant rolls range from 10 to 50 microns
• Mini Rolls are available for excellent tape replacement.
• Extensive range of coloured films available


Bubble Wrap

Protect larger products for longer

• Features air retention technology

• Long-term cushioning properties

• Lightweight and flexible

• Available in various widths

• Size and shape options are available in a flexible range of widths including:


Full Width Slits                              Length

1 x 1500 mm                                 50-100 m

2 x 750 mm                                  50-100 m

1 x 1200 mm                                 50-100 m

2 x 600 mm                                 50-100 m

3 x 500 mm                                 50-100 m


Other width & slit sizes, special grades and laminates available minimum 
order quantities delivery lead times apply.

We offer three choices for the protection of your goods: 
Small Bubble, Large Bubble and Heart Shape Bubble

• Anti-static bubble prevents static discharge from electronic devices
• Features air retention technology
• Extremely good tear resistance
• Premium quality shrinkage rate
• Special grades and laminates are available
• Made with at least 30% recycled content
• Extremely good tear resistance


If you need any help, suggestions or advice then don’t hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to find a solution that works for you.

Our Coloured bubble wrap rolls are the same low price as clear and adds an 
extra character!


Plastics have revolutionised our lives for over a century. They have saved lives with medical and safety innovations. They have made impossible journeys possible. They also offer convenience and this has sadly led to a throw-away culture. Single-use plastic products can be of practical use for mere minutes, yet they persist in the environment for hundreds of years.

We at Diamond Impex have decided to take practical action. We are 100% recyclable manufacture on the 115th anniversary of the invention of plastic. It is not a concession to the environment, it is essential for us all.

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