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Machine Pallet Stretch Wrap

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

offers easier application & maximum efficiency for higher volume application in a production line. Mainly used in commercial application offers maximum efficiency and accuracy while minimizing labor and packaging costs.

Our products are suitable for automated, semi-automated and single pallet machines. We offer a full range of machine stretch wrap film to suit all standard and power stretch applications, with the ability to produce any combinations of thickness, and stretch percentage on the market. They also anti tear and puncture resistant.

Our multi-layer co-extrusion technology make our stretch films perform to the highest levels saving customers on every pallet wrapped. Pallet wrap and stretch wrap benefits from being pre-stretched to four times its original length making it a lighter and more economic stretch wrap to use. In fact, it decreases the weight of the roll and the cost to you per length, but still retains the same high-performance levels as standard film wrap

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